Skylanders SuperChargers Review

Ethan loves anything that he can use on the Wii U and when it involves figures, he’s usually over the moon.

Skylanders plays a big part in bringing him joy so when we were sent the Skylanders SuperChargers to review, he was ecstatic.

We were sent some of the new Superchargers figures and vehicles and they were a big hit with the children.



The new characters are brilliant and the vehicles are really cool. We love the water vehicles as the graphics when you play with them are amazing.

Kaos has unleashed his ultimate weapon and this could destroy the Skylands forever. Only the Superchargers can save the Skylands and they need our help.


The racing games are the most fun and each level has new challenges to conquer.

The best bit is when you pair the character with their vehicle and they get supercharged. Perfect for high speed fun. This also releases upgrades for the vehicle and adds to the appeal of the game.



Jadyn and Aeryn love Splat obviously. And Ethan loves Lava Lance Eruptor.


There is a single player mode which is similar to the previous Skylanders games and a two player mode where one drives and the other manages the weapons. Ethan and Aeryn play this mode and Aeryn loves being in charge of the weapons.


I think that the Skylanders Superchargers game is pretty amazing with some awesome features and great graphics.

20160205_195057_resizedThe game is fast and doesn’t stall and is perfect for keeping the kids entertained. In fact, Ethan’s friends can’t wait to come over and try it out with him.


The characters and the vehicles are all very well designed with great attention to detail and since the vehicles actually have wheels, they can be played with ordinarily too.

And for all my readers who are Skylanders fans, you’ll not lost out too because there’s a giveaway for you to win three awesome figures yourself. So check out the giveaway here – Skylanders Superchargers Giveaway

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