Sicily’s Best Adventure Park for Ultimate Family Fun

Sicily is the place to be if you love nature and adventure parks especially. This largest island in the Mediterranean is filled with UNESCO protected natural habitats (as well as archaeological and artistic treasures). Sicily is in fact a perfect example of a vast Mediterranean heritage. It is this incredibly diverse and rich habitat in Sicily and its Aeolian and Egadi archipelagos that offers the unique opportunity to witness and experience first-hand the white sandy beaches of the Agrigento Coast, Castellammare Del Golfo, and Taormina in concomitance with the black volcanic sands of the Aeolian Stromboli and Vulcano active volcanic islands, a unique and rare mixture of ecological variety in all its natural manifestations. When planning your Sicily holidays consider also that this island in Southern Italy is famous for being a really family-friendly place with a lot of adventure opportunities for the whole family.


Parco Avventura Madonie, located to the Northwest, has a grandiose view of Mt. Etna and plenty of exciting acrobatics and orienteering trails, tree and slope climbing – offering lessons in geology, naturalism, healthy living and nutrition, and also providing interactions with the local wildlife. For kids, it will be a thrill to see up close and be able to pet the lovely ‘asinelli’ (mini-donkeys!) in their natural sanctuary, and spend the day playing inside a kid tent suspended on a tree. You can even book online for your own family lunch at the Park so that is definitely a plus for the whole family.

For an all-age children adventure you should choose the Monte Rossi Adventure Park. It actually has baby trails (that is, children ages 0-5, maximum height 110 cm), and others for different age groups including one for the whole family. It also provides excellent safety measures and is efficiently organized with colour-marked paths. Hiking and climbing or air-based acrobatic adventures with equipment provided are the strong points of the activities. The price is quite reasonable and – best of all- the entrance to the park is free. You may want to invest in good hiking boots for the children. Learn more at GearWeAre.

Ecocampus Casaboli offers the best in terms of truly heart-pumping adventurous trails and hikes. Acrobatics is their main focus so prepare to be engulfed by excitement just like on the set of an action film. Here you can oscillate in the air crossing the wires along suspended poles, jump over bridges, into rabbit holes and along suspended and unstable tree trunks – each trail separated of course by the level of difficulty. Their services are appropriate for kids as well, who must of course go through a rigorous examination and separated according to physical ability, height and weight among other factors. Here they will also teach you appropriate respect for the environment – as the name attests – and obviously the course activities and trails are designed to be eco-friendly and meant to not endanger any element in the natural habitat.

Parco Avventura Etna is another kid-friendly natural hot-spot. Acrobatic trails on passageways suspended among the trees are a real indication that these guys mean business as far as adventure goes! These are tests that focus on perfecting your equilibrium, agility, speed, and reflexes as you make it along an obstacle-course. You will be doing this alone, but under the professional guidance of the instructors watching from below and always under strict supervision of all cautionary safety measures. Appropriate also for kids of age 2 and up, three baby trails are available that will also make the envy of the adults: The Home on the Tree trail, with 10 Ateliers including a kid-home built 4 meters above ground, and a 10 mt slide protected by nets are only part of the fun and excitement that kids can look forward to in this adventure park.

The Nebrodi Adventure Park has everything that Sicily can offer in terms of natural splendours. As one of the 4 major regional parks in Sicily, Nebrodi is the perfect setting for nature lovers. 4X4 guided tours to lakes, springs, woods Saracen castles, Greek and Roman ruins, medieval castles surrounding rocky cliffs, archaic geological formations dating to the Mesozoic era, coupled with physical training in acrobatic exercises (designed for kids and adults, 2 yr minimum age) with ropes across trees, slopes and bridges, are only some of the activities provided that combine the best of both worlds: nature and sports.

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