Should I teach my child to be a fighter, a coward or a telltale?

I am fiercely protective of my children.

So, when my little boy came home and said that one little boy in his class is always pushing him – the first thing that came to mind was to tell him to point him out and then go and scare the living daylights out of him so he doesn’t do it again.

My daughter who is elder than him took the words out of my mouth and told him to point out the child to her and she would have a ‘word’ with him.

But, being civilized, I know that it is not the possible solution.

I felt like telling my boy – if he pushes you, push him back…but that would make my son do something that I don’t like another boy doing in the first place. Would I like my child to become a bully too?

If I told him to tell the teacher would I be teaching him to be a telltale?

If I told him to walk away , am I teaching him to be a coward and not stand up for himself?

I also cautioned my daughter as I wanted my son to be able to solve his own problems but at age 5, this is difficult.

There is no winning solution and yet I do believe that behaviour like this if not curtailed in the beginning leads to children becoming bigger bullies and getting away with it as they get older.

As a parent, I like to educate my children, and by this I don’t mean making them literate, by teaching them to be better persons and having an all-round development.

At the same time, I will not stand by and watch my child being bullied even if it is in a very minor form.

As I cannot take any action personally, I have told my son that he should tell the boy very calmly, without fighting, that he does not like being pushed and that he should stop doing it.

If that fails, I have told him to tell the teacher the next time it happens and I wait to see what will be done. I figure that when my child is in school, it is the school’s responsibilty to ensure that he is safe and happy and I hope that they can live up to that responsibilty knowing that I have entrusted my children into their care.

I have also asked my son to point the child out to me

….just in case….

I need to chat with his mother.

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