Shopkins Beauty Treats from H&A

Jadyn is at the age where make up features high on her list of wants. While she doesn’t use foundation or mascara, she loves lip gloss and fake nails. Definitely fake nails.


How lovely then to be sent some lovely H&A products to review which contained – FAKE NAILS!!


This is from the new range from H&A involving Shopkins.

There are some lovely goodies here for tweens and younger girls and obviously the favourite are the fake nails.

The nails are great for children and just the right size. They fix well and they look really good too. They have the different Shopkins characters on them.


The range also includes lip gloss and Jadyn has one of these in her school bag –


There’s lip gloss in the tubes too which are perfect for winter.

Another favourite was the nail set which contains some rather lovely nail polish colours befitting Shopkins as well as some nail stickers.


There’s a bunch of stick on earrings too – how cool are these for little ones who haven’t had their ears pierced yet. They don’t get to miss out on the fun of wearing earrings. 🙂


There are some cool tattoos too and let’s face it who doesn’t love a tattoo that you can remove!


Last but not the least, there are some really cute nail buffers –


This is indeed a lovely range for Shopkins fans and in fact would suit any little girls. They are fabulous stocking fillers too (sorry, I’m thinking Christmas gifts already)

The range is available at all major retailers.


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