Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk Review

Aeryn is a huge fan of Shimmer and Shine, especially after we attended the premiere of the show.

How lucky was she to be able to review the new Shimmer & Shine dress up trunk packed with dressing up stuff in keeping with the show.


The beautiful storage trunk contains enchanting dress-up accessories, including a pair of play slippers, 2 bangles, 12 interchangeable jewels, 2 hair clips and a decorative genie bottle storage container.

There is also a mystical arrow that you can spin and use which ever jewel the spinner lands on to decorate your bangles.

Aeryn proceeded promptly to get dressed in her Shimmer & Shine costume which was perfect for the accessories in the trunk.

The shoes are soft and will fit a range of sizes. They are not meant for outdoors of course and meant for dressing up play.

The bangles fit well and don’t keep falling off as some do. The hair clips look ever so sweet.

When put together, it makes for the perfect genie.

The cardboard box provides storage for the accessories. Here though, it would have been lovely to have it made of plastic to make it more durable.

The Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk is available at Toys R Us and is priced at £12.99

Other products in the Shimmer and Shine range from Just Play include – Shimmer & Shine Wig sets, Shimmer & Shiner boxed dress up sets and Shimmer & Shine Jewellery boxes.


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