Settling in…to life in California

It’s been a little over two months now and we’re settling into life in California …some days nicely, some days not so nicely. It’s only to be expected I guess.

The children joined school soon after we arrived (in a little over a week). They’ve made some friends and are getting there. It’s been a huge change in many ways especially with regards school as the education system is very different. I shall be writing more about the school system with some handy tips if you are moving here, so look out for that post.

The weather has been up and down with surprisingly more days being gloomy rather than sunny. I wonder if we’ve brought the British weather with us? Surprisingly, we miss the rain! Never, ever thought I’d say that! Some days have been really hot and we’ve been melting in the heat. Thank goodness for the pool.

We’ve visited some lovely beaches – San Clemente, Laguna, Seal  and we’ve obviously been shopping.


We’ve had our first birthday in the family – Aeryn turned 7. We’ve also celebrated our first Father’s Day here.


And our shipping has arrived – how exciting indeed!

We miss the UK, our friends and family that we’ve left behind. And we also miss the food – chocolate and bread! Whoever, knew we’d miss bread! The bread here is produced to last long and is sweet. Warburtons needs to come to the US and yes Cadbury too. I SO miss Flake and Twirl.

The children are now on summer hols – they have 2 and a half months and I’m seriously wondering on how to keep them occupied for so long.

It’s going to be strange celebrating American Independence Day.

Keep a look out for more posts telling you all about our life in America.




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