Self-soothing as a means of settling down: what’s your opinion?

With our first baby, I never let her even let out a whimper. The moment she showed signs of her mouth turning down, I was there by her side. We also had a lot of help with my parents being around and she always had someone around her.

With my second child, I probably was more laid back but I still had my parents around for the first year so I didn’t really worry about the crying. To be honest, he was also a very good baby and we had minimal crying. He also managed to sleep well. I was working and I needed all the sleep I could get so I made some allowances and he slept on me for a good part of the night. He loved snuggling.

By the time we had my youngest, I was older. Night wakings were hard. It had been a very difficult delivery with me being in ITU for 9 days following and I didn’t have the energy to do the rocking all night. So, we let her self-soothe. She was in our room and I didn’t exactly let her cry for hours on end. But, she certainly was allowed to cry a little more than the others. It seemed to work, until I would spoil it and pick her up. I found self-soothing really quite difficult personally because I couldn’t see or hear her cry for long periods so I never really adopted it fully.

Self-soothing - baby sleep habits

Did you ever use the self-soothe method with your children? Did it work? What are your views on the method of getting children to settle?

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