Scotland Yard from Ravensburger – Review

As the evenings get colder and darker, the best thing to do is to stay in with the family and spend quality time together.

One way of doing this is playing board games.



We were sent Scotland Yard from Ravensburger and we enjoyed playing it.

From the title itself, you must know that this involves some essence of being a detective – but how?

Well for one, it’s set in and around London. One person assumes the role of Mr X and the other players try and find him by moving either taxi, bus or tube.

A taxi travels short distances, a bus travels a little further and the furthest you can travel is by tube. But you have a limited amount of travel tickets so you must use it wisely. 20151030_205024_resized

You need to be clever to try and trap Mr X by working together.

We had a very enjoyable evening and the children really got into it. Hubs was Mr X and then the children also had a go at being Mr X.

The game does not take too long and is quite easy to play. It is suited to older children of about 8years + which is the target age. Having said that, Ethan at 7 enjoyed playing it.

It involves strategy and logical thinking and it also involves team effort from the players while trying to corner Mr X.

The game is priced at £14.99 and is available at all major retailers.


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