Scoot into September with an amazing prize bundle from Collins

As a teacher, I always believe that just doing school work is never enough for a child to be successful. Unfortunately for my children, it means that they always have to do a little extra at home. In my opinion, this is the best way to reinforce learning. One does not need to wait for a certain age to start this but can start as young as when the child is ready and shows an interest in learning. Obviously, it makes sense to wait until a child starts school but even with a pre-schooler, it’s great to get them to sit down and do some learning.

I make sure that this learning is never too much of a chore and for this reason I find that workbooks are the best best. One can do as little as one page per day. For this Collins 4 Parents has been my ‘Go To’ place. They have a range of workbooks and guidebooks (for when children are older) that are extremely well-written and handy to have at home to reinforce classroom learning. They are all based on the school curriculum too and geared towards each Key Stage.

Since summer is almost over and we’ll soon be heading back to school, Collins has a very special competition on their site where you could win an amazing Collins Book Bundle and a Micro Sprite Deluxe Scooter and a Micro helmet of your choice. To enter, visit

And you can also check out the range of books available to support learning through primary and secondary school.

The competition is not being run by Jacintaz3. Please check the terms and conditions of the competition on the link above. Open to UK residents. 

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