Schleich Wonder Woman Figure Review

There are some toys that have more appeal when you actually get them than just when you see them in advertising. This is one of them. The Schleich Wonder Woman figure is appealing and just what we needed.

You see, with 2 girls and a boy, we tend to have action figures collected by Ethan and the two girls normally have the more ‘girly’ collectibles like Shopkins, Moshi Monsters etc. Aeryn was pretty thrilled to receive her very own action figure.

The Wonder Woman action figure is dressed exactly as in the film complete with shield and sword. She wears a warrior outfit and Roman sandals.

One can never fault Schleich on quality as the quality is the best. All their figures are hand painted and are very real. You can add this to a bigger DC Comics collection.

It is also a great compliment to the film.

Aeryn loves playing with it together with her other figures and is glad that she can also take part in Ethan’s fight games with his action figures.

The Schleich Wonder Woman figure is priced at £8.99 and is available at all major retailers.

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