Schleich Tractor with Trailer – Review

We have been lucky to be sent quite a few products from Schelich for review. This time round it was the Tractor with Trailer Set and Ethan enjoys playing with it. When you see the features below, it’s no wonder he does.

The Tractor with Trailer set includes a tractor, a trailer, a farmer figure, a calf and a hay bale.

The front loader comes unattached to the tractor so you need to set it up.


The trailer is pretty cool – you can lower all the sides down to create a flat trailer and you can also remove the green horse box  to have just the trailer which is great for carrying a hay bale. The horse box can also be tilted sideways or backwards.

The calf is included with the set and it easily fits in the trailer. In fact, if you have other Schleich products like we do, you can add them to the set for a great playtime experience.

The Tractor itself is extremely well made and just like a real one. There is great attention to detail to make it lifelike and the door opens (something the kids love) to fit the farmer in the driver’s seat.

The front loader is movable and can be used to life the hay bale.

There are also stickers provided that need to be added to the set which all children seem to love.

The Tractor with Trailer playset is priced at £49.99 and the set is so worth the money as the quality of the product is outstanding. It also has so many cool features as mentioned above. Children are sure to enjoy playing with it.

It is a perfect addition to the rest of the Farm World sets and it fits in well with a lot of them.

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