Schleich Smurfs House Review

For all those fans of those little blue people, you must be very excited that the Surfs movie – The Lost Village is finally due for release in the coming week.

To get us even more excited, we were sent the Smurf House with Papa Smurf and Gargamel and Azrael from Schleich recently.

The house needed assembly and this was part of the fun. I was surprised at the quality of the product. I know one normally gets a great quality from Schleich but this one was expceptional.

The doors and windows had a slightly rubberised texture so it was easy to fit all the parts together. There was a lot of attention to detail like all other products of the brand.

For example the shutter and then the outer window.


The door is also a working door and can be opened and closed with a key.

I’m glad that one is able to actually get Papa Smurf (provided with the set) into the house as it is quite large.

The house is a replica of the Smurf houses with it’s characteristic red mushroom roof. There is also a chimney and I particularly love the window in the roof with the flowers growing on the ledge.

It is perfect for imaginative play and with the new Smurf’s movie about to be released, it will be in great demand.

The Smurf house is priced at £29.99

I do feel that this is a tad bit on the expensive side but looking at the quality of the product one can perhaps justify the price.

It is available at all major retailers.

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