Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal Review

The children love the Schleich products we’ve been reviewing. This time round we were sent the Mobile Vet  with Hanoverian Foal set and it’s gone down really well with them.

The set includes a mobile vet van which is a pretty good size. In it, are all the accessories required to make this a complete playing set.

The story from the Schleich site goes –

The vet is driving as fast as she can to the scene of an urgent emergency: a Hanoverian foal has been injured! She examines the animal with the mobile X-ray machine that she transported in the car’s spacious boot. To make sure the foal gets better again quickly, she gives it an injection with medicine from her medical bag and then records her diagnosis on her laptop.

I think the above is a great start to playing with the set. As you will guess, the set contains all of the above and more. It includes –

  • A car
  • A vet figure
  • A Hanoverian foal
  • Medical bag
  • Stethoscope
  • Syringe
  • Medicine bottle
  • Laptop
  • X-ray machine
  • Bandage, purple
  • Halter
  • Green apples
  • Table
  • Chair
  • Prescription pad
  • Plasters sticker sheet
  • Sticker sheet
  • Assembly instructions

There’s everything needed to make the foal feel better even  green apples which will make her happy after the injection.

The roof and side wall of the van fold open so you can have more playing options. The doors open and close which the kids love. The vet’s arms are movable and she can also hold accessories.

We love the x-ray machine, perfect for the foal’s leg and we also like how there is a ramp available for easy access onto the van.

There is great attention to detail like the horse drawing on the top of the van as well as the horse drawing inside the van showing the parts of the horse (much like a medical diagram).

We think this is a great product and matches perfectly with the other Horse Club products from Schleich.

The Schleich Mobile Vet with Hanoverian Foal is priced at £29.99 and is available at all major retailers.



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