Schleich Large Skull Trap with Velociraptor Set Review

Another winner from Schleich, we were sent this Large Skull Trap Set with Velociraptor to review. Ethan loves dinosaurs so this was a very welcome addition to our growing Schleich family.

The set includes a large dinosaur skull – a really good size to play with and also to perhaps take into a classroom as it does look rather real. It opens up too which is the really cool part. There is also a velociraptor included as well as a Compsognathus and a lizard. If you have no idea what it is (as I didn’t) – its a dinosaur that was two-legged and the size of a pheasant. There is also a small lizard with the set. 



With countless ways to play and stories to be made up around it, this set is great value for money at £24.99

The velociraptor also has a moveable jaw and arms to make it all the more exciting.

The set is perfect for play on it’s own or to add to other sets in the range. I love the look of this Giant Volcano with T-Rex and this Dinosaur set with cave.

Like all Schleich products, this has so much attention to detail. The products are hand painted. This is an ideal Christmas present for a dinosaur lover.

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