Say Hello to Spring with 2FOR1 Offers on Attractions with Thameslink and Great Northern

Although we travel around mostly by car over the weekends, the children love travelling by train. I too love train travel as you can get to your destination much faster sometimes without the motorway queues. We have to take the M25 to get out of London, and I imagine some of you know what the M25 is like the majority of the time…

With the brighter days, it’s now the perfect to get away for a day out with the family by train. Thameslink and Great Northern are encouraging more families to get out and about this spring with their great 2FOR1 incentive, which you can also take advantage of in London and Brighton.


Since the children love to travel, we do get around quite a bit, and one of our favourite places to visit is Cambridge. We recently went punting in Cambridge and it was a great experience! We were shown all the colleges down the river and it was quite interesting to hear the history behind them all.

Other interesting places to visit in Cambridge are the Botanical Gardens – which is very close to the train station and is home to plants from all over the world – and the Fitzwilliam Museum with its great collections of art.

No trip to Cambridge will be complete without visiting King’s College Chapel. Admission is free for children under 12 when visiting with family. It is rather lovely to look around, and you can see it when you are punting on the river. It is worth visiting just to see the impressive stained glass windows and sculptures.


Cambridge is the perfect place for a day out with the family, and there are lots of 2FOR1 offers on certain attractions if you do arrive by train, including those mentioned above.

For more information on which attractions are included, you can visit the days out guide here:

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