Savings made by using our Zenith Home Energy Saving Kit

Some time ago, I had written about a Zenith Home Energy Saving kit that I was going to be trialling to make my home energy effeicient and halp me save money. Well, we’ve used these products over the winter and I’m happy to say that they have made us aware of the little things that we can do to save money.

The raidiator booster has helped to boost the power of our radiator and to provide even heating in the winter. As one of our radiators is behind a sofa, the booster helped to ensure that the heating gets to more areas in the room.

The shower timer has been a boon with my daughter. She loves to spend time in the shower and can quite easily lose track of time and leave water running all the time she is in there. With the timer, she has her time all worked out saving water and electricity in the bargain. It actually calculates the amount of water being used and you can calibrate this to ensure that you use no more than the recommended amount of 35 litres. You’ll be surprised how much you can use. 20150413_134505_resized

The best gadget has been the automatic standby shutdown. I attached this to the television/DVD unit as this is the one that tends to remain on standby most times and since this automatically shuts down the power supply to these units, we have had some major savings there. This has also made us aware that we need to shut down all units when not in use.

The OWL micro has made me aware of our current consumption at all times and showed us how much we could save if we were extra careful by providing up to date consumption costs. It was really easy to install and I am glad we have it.

Energy savings are always welcome and the savings can be used towards extra treats for the children as well as maybe put towards a holiday or renovations that need to be done around the home. As I see it, we have saved at least £75 over the winter season by using these gadgets as well as being made aware of turning devices off when not in use.

I would recommend using these products to make savings in your own home.

You can also visit the Zenith Energy Hub for some tips on saving energy in your home.

Disclaimer: I was provided with the above products to make our home more energy efficient. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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