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It’s been a long time since we have been on a holiday abroad – the timing has been off, we’ve left it too late to book and most of all the holidays have been too expensive to take during school holidays. And of course, we can’t take time off during school term.

So, we have done some short trips within the UK. To be fair, a number of short trips, even day trips, can be quite dear when you consider travel, food and entertainment. Entry to many attractions can work out to being well over £100 for a family. Add the cost of food and travel and you’ll be surprised how much it can cost. Do several trips like this over the summer and you are looking at what you would have paid to go on holiday.

This year, I have been looking at holidays that I can book for the summer. I realise that I may be already too late but I am hoping to get a good deal. I think it would be lovely to get away somewhere nice and sunny (I know we had a particularly nice summer last year but one can never be sure).

I had a look around and came across the Thomson site which is allowing travellers to  save £60 on holiday booking with voucher codes for Thomson (expires: 13/02/15)

They do have some amazing holiday deals on there and yes there are many sunny places to visit. I have got a few places in mind which I am going to go through this evening with Hubs when the children are asleep and hope to get something fixed.

It would be a much deserved holiday I think.

How about you? Have you made holiday plans for this year? Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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