Sands Alive – Beach fun at home

The children enjoy playing with sand. Usually this is on the beach, but this time they got lucky and we were sent some sand to play with at home.

Sands Alive from John Adams is the new creative sandy kit for children.

We were sent the Sands Alive Classic Set and the Animal Set.



Now what’s different about this kind of sand is that it is soft like flour and is squishy but can still form excellent models.


The colour is similar to sand so it is great to recreate beach fun at home. It is easy to mould and the best part is that it does not dry up.


I was at one point a bit worried to find that the sand that dropped on the carpet left marks on it but I could soon pick it up and then hoover up the bits to leave the carpet as before.

You can store it really easily and since it moulds like moist sand, it is easy to even build a castle.


The children can honestly spend hours with this, sometimes just running their hands through it as it feels so soft.


Sands Alive is suitable for children aged 3+ and is great for creative and sensory play. It is also great for motor development as you mould the sand.

Sands Alive is available at all major retailers and is priced at about £14.99 for the classic set and £19.99 for the Animal set.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above products for review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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