Samsung UE40JU6400 Ultra HD Smart Television – First Impressions

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that we had an extra special delivery last week. As part of my being a Samsung Kids Club Blogger, we were sent the awesome Samsung UE40JU6400 Ultra HD Smart Television to review.


My previous television was not a Smart TV and I can already see the benefits of having a Smart TV – all I keep wondering is why didn’t we get one sooner?

Now, this is not going to be an unending post extolling all it’s awesomeness. It is just a first impressions look at the TV as we flicked through it for the very first time.

Design – It has a stylish design that is perfect for any contemporary home. It can be used with a stand of wall mounted (acessories for this are sold separately). The screen takes up a major part of the TV, with only a small border. The stand is made to set off the sleek design fully.

Image and picture quality – It is a Ultra High Definition TV, which means you expect superior picture quality. And you get it –  the pictures are sharper and clearer.

Ports – Here’s what got me sold (well one of the features anyway) 4 HDMI Ports and 3 USB ports – perfect for getting all the devices connected like the console, the DVD player and the Cable TV.


Smart Hub – This is so convenient. If I want to flick between Apps (it is a smart TV after all) and TV I can do so with the flick of a button called the Smart Hub which is easily identifiable.

Wi-Fi enabled – This super feature means that I can programme it to my Harmony Elite at the touch of a button and control all my devices from just one remote. It also means I can browse the internet and download apps – on a 40 inch screen!! How cool is that!

It also includes regular features of other TVs like Colour adjustment and sound adjustment. The Sports Mode has a dedicated button on the remote and when pressed transforms your living room into a stadium with the sound being adjusted to suit.

It is really easy to navigate the TV and I have yet to really get into all of it’s features and suss them out. (Clearly I’m not up-to-date)

It comes with pre-loaded apps. There are quite a few Apps that are pre-loaded like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and music apps. It also has a wide range of Apps for children like Hopster TV.

Being a Smart TV means you are able to browse the internet which can be worrying for parents but with the parental control features, it is perfectly safe for the kids to be let loose.

With something for everyone, there is also no need for cables or monthly contracts. Saves a bit of money too doesn’t it?

With it’s price mark and it’s picture quality and sound, it is a great TV for all the family to enjoy. We particularly enjoy watching all our favourite programmes on Ultra HD.









Here’s some more information about Samsung Smart TVs…

SAM-Infographicv12 (1)


Disclaimer: I was sent the above product as part of being a Samsung Kids Club Blogger. All ideas and opinions are my own and have in no way been influenced. 




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