RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner Review

I recently reviewed the RugDoctor Carpet Cleaner and definitely saw the difference it made to my carpets being cleaned. I was also sent the RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner to review and this has changed the way I look at carpet stains and spots.

To be honest, I wasn’t so sure that the spot cleaner would be as effective as it is. I just didn’t think its possible to remove dried in stains especially. So, I decided to test it out on a stain on the carpet that was quite ingrained. I had attempted to remove this with a scrubber but it had little effect.

The RugDoctor Portable Spot cleaner made light work of it and it’s no more there.

Let’s look at the machine itself. Since it is portable, its also lighter and more compact than the carpet cleaner. It has a handle that pulls out – something akin to a trolley bag, that makes it easy to manoeuvre over a carpet. This of course, is just for moving it around and the actual cleaning is done by the motorised hand tool.

It works on a similar principle of the RugDoctor Carpet Cleaner as in you fill one tank with clean, hot water and cleaning solution and the other tank collects the waste water.

The hand tool has a button which when pressed releases the solution on the stain. Once you have enough solution, you can use the hand tool to dry the stain quicker without keeping the button pressed. There is an on/off switch on the tool to trigger the motorised hand tool feature.

The RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner is compact and is easy to carry up and down stairs too. It is made to fit on a step for easy cleaning of this area.

There is also a convenient carry handle in addition to the handle mentioned above to roll it along the carpet on it’s wheels.

I love the colour too, it’s a shiny red that looks great.

There are retainers for the hose as well as the power cable which make the spot cleaner a compact unit when stored.


I cleaned a particularly stubborn stain and as you can see it has cleaned it to perfection.

After using RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner


The carpet also looks brighter and it smells fresher.

The product also includes a small bottle of Spot Cleaner so you can use it out of the box.

Would I recommend RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner. You bet I would. It’s such a handy gadget to have at home especially if you have children and you find yourself always vacuuming up spills and stains.

This is also perfect for upholstery. I remember before we had out leather sofas, we had upholstered ones and I was constantly having to mop up spills with the children. The RugDoctor Portable Spot Cleaner is great for the car too.

It is also featured on this list of the best carpet cleaners UK.

Have you ever used this machine? What are your thoughts about it?

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