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I’ve been thinking of deep cleaning my carpets for a long time now – just never got round to it. It was a treat when Rug Doctor contacted me to work with them on a review. Obviously, I had wanted to try out Rug Doctor for sometime but there were a lot of things I was unsure of.

First of all, I had always thought it was difficult to book the machine and I would have to pick it up and drop it back to a local store. However, it’s not so and the experience of having it delivered and picked up was a breeze. I had requested a 48 hour rental simply because I felt that 24 hours may not be long enough as there is no guarantee on the time that it will be delivered/picked up. Having said this, I did mention that I had certain hours when I wouldn’t be in and this was accommodated.

I also thought that the machine would be extremely bulky and it would take up loads of space. This was not so as the machine is a slightly larger version of a vacuum cleaner and can be easily stored for the time that it is rented for.

It is really easy to work it too. All you need do is put the water and the cleaning liquid into the lower tank and then run the machine. You need to run it backwards and I found that if you run is slowly, it tends to clean better.

I saw results on the first go itself. The carpet looked brighter and cleaner and that’s not all – it also smelt fresher.

I didn’t realise how much dirt collects in the carpet until I saw the water. And I do vacuum everyday. Sometimes even twice a day.

There are also attachments that can be used to clean the stairs and other hard to get to places.

The cleaning liquid is supplied with the machine (you do need to pay for this) so once it is delivered, you can immediately get to work.

The cleaning process involves getting the detergent liquid into the carpet for a better clean. Here also I was mistaken, as I always thought that the carpet remains wet for a long time. This was not so and the carpet had completely dried in about 5 – 6 hours.

You can rent the Rug Doctor machine for £22.99 for 24 hours and £28.99 for 48 hours. You would need to pay separately for the cleaning liquid. And the delivery costs are £15.

This may look expensive but this is not something that you will be doing every week. You may need to do it every month or every other month or even longer if you wish. It thus falls quite economical especially when you see the results.

There are also Rug Doctor machines that you can purchase and if you are going to be using this a lot, I would suggest you buy one.

There are a number of different machines to choose from. The Portable Spot Cleaner is quite handy and it is much smaller and lighter than the normal machine. It is great for removing stains from the carpet. I have received one to try out and will be posting more about it so do be sure to keep you eyes peeled for it.

I think that Rug Doctor is the perfect for cleaning carpets and is especially great for end of tenancy cleans or cleans before a big day or 6-monthly home cleaning.

I would definitely recommend trying out the service. I know you will be pleased with the result.

For more informations please visit the Rug Doctor website at



I was sent the Rug Doctor machine on loan for review. All ideas and opinions are my own and are in no way influenced.


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  1. I hired a Rug Doctor when I moved house a year ago and it did such a fantastic job of freshening up the carpets. 100% agree with your brighter and cleaner comment – it was like we had had new carpets fitted!

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