Rock Climbing with Fruit Shoot Hydro – #ItsMyThing

Half-term in May is when the sun should be shining and we should be at the beach. Unfortunately, we had no proper beach weather here so luckily we had a few events to keep us busy.

We were invited to Castle Climbing last week for a Fruit Shoot event. Children over 9 could take part in the climbing and Jadyn did so well. I’m not sure I’d have been able to go halfway up.


We were also given a talk by Jo about the importance of keeping hydrated. Now we all know this but I think we all need a talk ever so often to realise that we don’t follow half of the advice.

We read about the necessity of having at least 6 – 8 glasses of water a day and the importance of water for proper body functions. However, I was surprised to learn that dehydration also has an effect on balance. So, if you’re falling down often – you probably need to look at your fluid intake.

Dehydration in children also causes them to concentrate less so it is very important that children remain hydrated during school hours. I love that the school the children are in allows them to keep their bottles on their tables. I know of some schools that don’t allow it.

We were also introduced to Fruit Shoot Hydro and the children do love these drinks. Fruit Shoot Hydro are naturally flavoured drinks that contain zero sugar and no artificial colours or flavourings. Obviously I love these drinks too. They are tasty and don’t have sugar – what’s not to love?

We were treated to a delicious lunch and Hydro to drink of course and all the children who took part in the climbing got a lovely goody bag to take home.

The younger two were a bit disappointed at not being able to climb but I think the delicious chocolate tarts served as dessert made up for it.

Robinsons is also championing children to do their thing – whether it’s a hobby or a passion or just doing something they dreamt of. I think Jadyn was so much a part of the #ItsMyThing Campaign when she climbed to the top of the wall at Castle Climbing considering she never done this ever before.

rock climbing
On her way to the top…


Here are some of Jo Travers’ top tips on keeping children hydrated –




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