Robert Notkin – The Canada Cup Poker Champion

I am not much of a card player – I think Solitaire is more my thing!

But I have on occasion played a game of Poker – the simple one – not for huge amounts of money.

I am however, interested in the game of Poker as it always looks so glamorous in the movies. Movie stars – dressed to the hilt in tuxedos and evening gowns playing poker – and winning!! Perhaps that’s why I don’t really play it much – because I don’t win.

I guess I am just not lucky in cards.

The saying goes – Lucky at cards, unlucky in love. Does it work in reverse?

Anyway, coming back to Poker. I am quite bad at reading another person’s hand and calculating cards. I play card games purely for the recreational value – hence I tend to play more with the children.

I can’t quite understand how people can play cards into the early hours of dawn. Nowadays I am almost asleep by 9 pm. I kid you not!

I can quite understand that sometimes the stakes are high but still – I mean would I really stay up to lose money? There can only be one winner, can there not? And I most likely definitely will not feature there. So, instead I would rather take myself off to bed with….a good book.

Maybe if I start winning, I will get the incentive to stay up into the wee hours of dawn.

I have read about winners who have gone one to win world championships with winning places in major games with bets as little as $30 – $40. Lucky them –because their final winnings were as much as over $300,000. Now, that’s a game I could stay up to win. There was even a win of $2.5 million for a beginner’s bet of $40. Wow!

With the advent of online poker companies making the game into a spectator sport, Poker has increased in popularity.

Perhaps I should get watching some games to understand better the game of Poker and try my hand at it. I could possibly end up winning millions.

But then, do I really want to be Lucky at Cards….?

Here’s a clear example of having a Poker Hand! Look at the 2014 Poker Event – The players played for 9 hours at the final table, then it was all over in one amazing poker hand! This is the dramatic ending to the 2014 PokerStars Canada Poker Cup in Montreal.

Witness the Canada cup champion with a Crazy 4-way all in poker hand where Robert Notkin, who qualified for just $30 on PokerStars is the new Canada Cup Poker Champion, winning $354,379!

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