Roar ‘N’ React Boris Tyrannosaurus Rex

Hellllllppppp!!! We have a T-Rex in our home!

It’s huge, it roars and it chomps!! And Ethan loves it!


He is called Boris and is a character from the popular television show Dinosaur Train.

From the house of Tomy, this interactive toy is one that will definitely enthrall all Dinosaur Train fans.

This big Roar ‘n’ react Boris Tyrannosaurus Ultimate T-Rex is every child’s dream. It is noisy and makes scary sounds and it chomps and talks and sings! I mean, really, what more can you ask for?

Ethan was obviously thrilled to receive it. Boris does sometimes run away with the remote in his mouth but luckily has not swallowed it yet. Ethan figures its because he is a ‘carnivore’. 🙂t-rex3

Put your hand inside Boris’ mouth and you get a chomping noise. Press the interactive button to hear fun Dino facts and if he has a friend from the range Boris will interact with them and even sing the Dinosaur Train tune.


The features we loved about it are –

  • Interactive
  • Great size
  • Good quality
  • Teaches as it gives information about Dinosaurs
  • Bright, attractive colour
  • Realistic sounds

We have made a short video to show how it works.

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