Rewind to January 2018 – Let’s Move to Los Angeles

This is a sort of rewind post. It begins with the day we decided we were going to do this – move to Los Angeles, USA.

A big decision. A brave decision (I was told by so many) In truth, they probably though I had lost my mind. To give up everything and start again? With 3 children in tow?

It meant looking for work, looking for schools and the whole hog…In a new country!

The children were not to happy to move – obviously. They were going to miss their friends.

I was going to miss all MY friends and the amazing blogging world in the UK.

I wanted to go and yet I didn’t. And I think it was the way with all of us.

But we decided to take the risk and do it – as a family.

It was a huge decision and we hoped that it would be the right one in the long run.

The plus was that we were moving to LA. And everyone wants to move to LA, right?

The American Dream…

La La Land…


The only thing is that this was not going to be a holiday like the other ones. We were not going to do touristy things. This was going to be living in the US.

Going to school in the US.

Living in the US.

And the children had to be aware of this.

After a lot of back and forth, we started the mammoth task of actually moving.

You know how hard it is to move house within the country? Now think of doing the same only this time you move from the UK to the west coast of USA.

I seriously didn’t know where to start. We decided to move in April and it was January.

There were a million things to do.

But most of them would require perfect timing. We needed everything to be in the house until more or less the last minute. And at the same time, we needed to get rid of all the stuff we couldn’t take.

We decided to ship some stuff (we ended up shipping a lot, of course)

The first task was sifting through all the stuff and deciding what we needed to take and what we needed to get rid of/sell/give away to friends and family.

We started with the toys and clothes and yet we couldn’t really start in January as the children still wanted to cling to some stuff. We still had a good 3 months. So we decided to have 3 lots of stuff – things we really didn’t want/need, things we were not taking to the US but we wanted to use in the next 3 months and things we definitely couldn’t do without.

We booked to have our goods shipped after looking at many companies and I’m so glad we went with Anglo-Pacific. They were brilliant.

I informed the schools that we would be leaving.

We booked our tickets.

It was done. We were DEFINITELY moving to Los Angeles!

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