Reviewing the New Nintendo 3DS

Did I ever tell you how much I love being a blogger? And more so how much I enjoy being a Nintendo Family blogger?

Well, after reading this you’ll know why.


Yes, we were sent the NEW Nintendo 3DS to review. Why do I need another one? Why not?

The children have 3 DS’ that we had purchased before we took a long trip overseas so it was great to be able to compare it to the older model.

20150303_114433_resized (1)

In terms of looks, it looks more trendy and attractive.

The new 3DS boasts of a Face tracking feature which makes for better 3D gaming as it adjusts images based on viewing angle. So that cross eyed thing that may have happened when viewing 3D – well it doesn’t happen anymore. The image stays stable.


Thanks to the faster processor, the system is fast – much faster than the older models.

The C-stick feature allows extra and greater control while gaming.

I like the look of the device. The rounded edges give it a nicer look and then there are the replaceable cover plates. You can actually remove the covers to change the look of the device and you can keep changing covers to suit your mood. These are sold separately.


It was very easy to change the top cover. You can clip it in. The base cover was a little more complicated as you need to unscrew the cover and replace it. it was not however difficult to do and you would need to do this anyway if you want to use a higher capacity micro sd card. (the system comes with a 4GB card already in place)

You can’t change the cover plates in the new 3DS XL so you may need to choose between a larger screen and cool cover plates. I may be partial to the latter.

The new 3DS supports Amiibo – all you need do is place the little character on the screen and it comes to life.

There are a few changes to the placement of the buttons too and it makes it easier to navigate and use.


I am quite impressed with the battery life. Even if I don’t play with it for sometime, it still retains charge so I can pick it up anytime for play.

My overall score – 5/5

I love the enhanced features and the new cool look.


The children love the new 3DS and since they are three (if you count me – we’re 4), they take it in turns to play on it. It is easy to play on with basic controls for entry level gamers (namely me) and there are the enhanced controls for slightly more expert gamers (my children).

They are also able to access the internet (with parental controls) to watch You Tube videos and listen to music (which Jadyn loves doing)


If you don’t have a DS, I would say that this is a perfect console for gaming on the go. If you have one and are looking to upgrade, this is the one.

It is priced at £149.99 and it is definitely worth getting.

Disclaimer: I was sent the New Nintendo 3DS to review. All ideas and opinions are my own. 



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