Review: Tonka Town Fire Station Play Set


I know the name Tonka to be toys that are durable, so when I was approached to review the Tonka Fire Station Play set, I was quite happy. Needless to say, when it arrived, the happiest were the children.

Ethan loves to play with fire engines and a fire station play set is something that he has been after f or some time now.


The play set comes with the fire station, a fire truck, 2 firemen and 2 ladders that can be fixed onto the fire station.

The fire station is sturdy and since it is in red (like all fire stations), it is quite eye catching. There are stairs leading up to the first level and then you can attach the ladders where you will so that you can change things around a bit. The doors open and shut and the fire truck fits inside the station.


The part which the children love the most is the little button on the top which when pressed has two ringers – one is the fire engine (nee- naw) sound and the other is a loud bell (which I guess summons the fire-fighters). The upside is that that children love this feature. The downside is that it is rather loud and there is no off switch so parents beware. However, I could perhaps use it if the children refuse to get up for school!


The firemen can slide down the pole if you attach them which is quite a nice part of the set. Also there is a ‘fire’ that glows when pushed up and the children love to pretend to put the fire out. Only one slight niggle is that it does not glow to a great extent in daylight but the children don’t worry about it as it does look like flames!

The fire truck also accommodates a fireman so that is a great plus point.


Ethan and Aeryn both love playing with the set. Aeryn has realised that the boots of the firemen can come off so she does it all the time and I have to be careful that there are no boots lying on the floor when I am hoovering.

I like the handle on the top to make for easy carrying.

There is nothing that we didn’t like about this – although I wish there was an ‘off’ switch for the ringer.

The children spend hours with the set and I am happy to see that they can all play together as there are different levels to access.

We love this play set and I am sure I will have to add to it soon. There are other products available to go with this set like the Tonka Fire Engine (£19.99) Tonka Figure Play set (£3.99)

This set is part of the new Tonka Town range and there are many other products  like the Tonka Jail Play Set (£24.99), Tonka dump Truck (£19.99), Tonka Police Ranger (£14.99) and Tonka Police Bike (£9.99)

There is also a Tonka Town Magazine which will be launched on 15th October and will feature activities, stories, colouring, educational features and competitions. It will also come with a free cover-mounted Tonka Town character worth £3.99

Disclaimer: I was sent the Tonka Town Fire Station Play Set to review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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