Review: Tefal Pro Express Auto Control

Being on the Tefal Innovation Panel has had its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage – I have a house full of top of the range cooking and linencare products by one of the leading brands in the world.

The disadvantage – the products are so great that I tend to find myself doing more cooking and ironing.


Take for example the Steam Generator. I had heard of the steam generator possibly even seen a few in the stores but I had never ever considered buying one because of the price. If I could manage with an iron that cost me £30 – £50, why on earth would I pay so much more for an iron, right? WRONG!!

As a gift for being on the panel, each of the members were provided with a Tefal Pro-Express  Steam Generator. For anyone who doesn’t know, the steam generator irons your clothes to a superb finish with the help of steam. The Pro Express astounded me by the ease by which it helped me iron. Creases on my husband’s cotton shirts that I used to dread ironing, were now made short stuff of in seconds. My whole week’s ironing now took barely an hour. It was definitely worth the investment.

Recently, I attended another Tefal Innovation Panel meet up in London and it was here that we were shown new innovations by Tefal – the Tefal OptiGrill, Ingenio Range and the Steam Generator with Smart Technology.

As I told you being part of the Tefal Innovation Panel, I get to try things that make my life easier and better. This time, I got to review the Pro Express Total Auto Control GV-8960.


This wonderful machine makes life even easier.

What Tefal says about the the 3 Smart Technology Steam Generators –

Applied to Easy, Auto and X-­Pert Control, Tefal’s Smart Technology works in three clever ways:

1. Ultra precise micro controller connects to embedded software which monitors both the steam output and soleplate temperature;

2. Optimal combination of steam and temperature is consistently provided at the desired level;

3. Extreme accuracy of steam and temperature regulation is constantly maintained on every setting.

This high level of accuracy ensures the perfect mix of steam and temperature providing fantastic results on all fabrics. (that can be ironed)

How did it work for me?

  • I found this amazingly easy to use, there was no need to adjust the heat and the steam settings all the time. With just the press of a button, I had the perfect settings for normal , delicate or jeans.
  • This iron is more streamlined so it is easy to iron between buttons and corners.
  • It glides really easily and there is no effort to press and iron. All you need to do is keep one finger pressed on the steam button and you have perfectly ironed clothes.DSC07868
  • I live in a hard water area and my previous irons would get really spoilt because of  the calcium build up. Now with the anti-calc, I have no such problems. This feature collects the build up in a little plate and when it is full warns you with a light. All you need to do is unscrew the anti calc collector and wash out. This is also an improved version from my previous Tefal Steam generator as it is easier to remove.DSC07867
  • The cord storage space and the retractable plug are also great a great help.
  • I especially love the 340gms of steam burst that can be used vertically. I used this feature from afar on clothes that were hung out to dry (as it is a power packed burst)  and this is a great plus even for other delicate items like silk. DSC07869
  • It has a really great self cleaning sole plate that makes it glide more easily.
  • I like its automatic off feature – if you don’t use it for 8 minutes, it turns off(very handy for when you get that long gossipy phone call)

This Steam Generator is one of the best I have used. It is easy to use and works really well. My husband’s pure cotton shirts get done in no time. In fact all my ironing gets done in a jiffy! I find it definitely easier to use than the previous Tefal Pro Express.




PicMonkey Collage2

I now spend my time ironing without a grumble and my little girl has also been bitten by the ironing bug watching that I take such pleasure in ironing.

PicMonkey Collage

The Tefal Pro Express Auto Control GV 8960 retails at £279.99 and is available at John Lewis and Argos

 Disclaimer: I was sent the Tefal Pro Express Auto Control for review as I am on the Tefal Innovation Panel. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for posting the review. I was looking to get a new steam iron but there just too many branches and model to choose. What is the different between gv8460 and this one. Can you help me please thanks Maria

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