Review: Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy Playset

Aeryn is a big Sofia the First fan and as you must know we enjoyed the Sofia Twitter party as well as playing with Sofia the First micro sets.

This time we were thrilled to receive the Sofia the First Royal Prep Academy Playset to review.thumbnailgenerator.ashx

The micro playset is pretty much all inclusive and contains different play areas from the Royal Prep Academy – the library, the classroom, dance floor, art room and courtyard. There are also 4 micro figures of Sofia, Fauna, Minimus and Prince Zandar included.

prep sofia 1

We loved the colour of the backpack – the purple that favours Sofia – Aeryn loves it. It is a great alternative to the normal pink.

As like the other sets in the micro world, there are places where you can fix your figures.

We loved the stickers that came with the set, Aeryn had great fun sticking them on.

prep sofia2

The microworld has great attention to detail – lovely arched windows, a clock tower, tiny desks and movable features. There are also areas that light up. The best part is that it all locks into place in the backpack.

The backpack can be sported as a bag or as a backpack.

I find that the backpack is great for imaginative play. Since it contains a lot pertaining to school, it is also great for pre-school children to learn about different school areas.

There are a few things that would probably be hard for a 3-year-old and that is opening the backpack as the catch is quite hard to open.   And the second is that when you open the backpack, you need to be careful as the little world pops up. There is also some dexterity required when you are folding up the little micro worlds and it may be difficult for little fingers. Of course, if there’s a grown up at hand who loves to have a play as well, these little niggles are no problem at all.

Aeryn loves playing with the set and spends hours making up little games with it.

prep sofia

What I liked is that, if you have any other playsets of the microworld, these can also be used with this set – to fill up the classroom or the courtyard with children.

The fact that it can  all be folded up into the backpack is a novel idea.It is most convenient to carry along on long drives and visits to relatives.

The set retails at £34.99 and is available at all major retailers. It would make a perfect gift for Christmas for children aged 3 and over.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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