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Leap Frog is a name that I associate with toys that provide learning through playing. I know that the toys are durable and are sturdy for children to play with and I have no hesitation in getting the children toys from Leap Frog.

Although I do not believe in forcing children to write at a very early age, I believe that there is nothing wrong in teaching children to hold a pencil correctly and it begin doodling without stressing them to write letters and numbers.

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The Leap Frog Scribble and Write is perfect for this and when I was sent one for review I knew it would be a great help to the first steps in writing.

My little girl it almost 3 and she loves to doddle and colour with the others. She can use the toy as a drawing board without switching it on. However, she is learning to count too with it.

Ethan is 5 and knows his letters but sometimes gets the ‘b’ and ‘d’ wrong like most children. I hoped that the Scribble and Write would soon correct this. He also has the tendency to the hold the pencil rather awkwardly – more like holding a stylus for gaming. I feel this toy can help correct the way he holds the pencil and I have seen some changes in the last two weeks.


The scribble and write toy has the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 1 -10 and a little screen below for one to write. You can choose either lowercase or uppercase letters. It works much like a Megasketcher  where once you have written something you can clear the screen with the handy slider.


There are two levels of play – the first level of play teaches how to write and then asks you to press the enter button when done. It then also gives you the phonetic sound of the alphabet which helps the child identify the alphabet and the corresponding sound.

The second one gives instant feedback and tells you how you did after it shows you the proper letter formation.

There is also a game  – catch the butterflies, which makes the child move the stylus around the screen on the blinking lights. I think this is excellent for hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well as being able to hold the pencil properly.

One thing that was a bit frustrating is that you have to exert a slight pressure to get it right. Ethan did get a bit bored with is as he at first didn’t seem to get a grip on the pen and it kept saying ‘start here’. What one does need to do is to wait for the indication ‘Start here’ and then put the stylus down and trace the lights. Once he got that he had to wait, he was fine.

20140328_195624 (1)

I like that the pen is attached and cannot go missing. It also stores in the area behind the toy.


The pen is shaped such that it provides proper grip and hand control to facilitate proper writing habits.

I would say that this is essentially a pre-school toy and if a child already knows how to write, it may be a bit boring but again it is great for learning correct letter formation as sometimes children learn to write but they don’t practise the correct formation.

20140328_195527 (1)

All in all – it is a great toy for children aged 3+ and at £19.99, it is great value for money. As always, it carries the Leap Frog seal of quality.

 Disclaimer: I was sent the Scribble and Write to review with my children. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

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