Review: Rocking Alligator from Plan Toys

Is it a rocking horse? Is it an alligator? No, it’s a rocking alligator.


This lovely little rocking alligator from Plan Toys is ideal for little ones. Made from good quality wood, it is something that will keep little ones entertained for days on end.

The set up –

plan toys 2

It was easy to set up and just needs one person to do it. The instructions are clear and it took about 20 minutes to get it up and rocking.

While I was doing so, I had an opportunity to look at it up close and personal and found it to be extremely sturdy as it is held together with the screws provided.

Product description as we saw it


The seat is a good length and what I really like about it is that is very safe as it does not rock alarmingly as I have seen some rocking horses do. Since it is also at a low height from the ground it is suitable for smaller children and those who may not be so comfortable with getting on a high horse. 🙂

The attention to detail is amazing with the little contrasting colours in a lighter green to offset the darker green of the entire body. It has rolling eyes too, to keep the little one entertained.


It is completely child friendly as it has no sharp edges. All the edges are rounded and since there is a safety feature of not being able to overturn, I would trust my child implicitly on it.

Size wise, it is not too large so it can be stored at home without occupying too much of space.

The cost

It does seem a bit expensive when you think of it being £95.95 but having said that and looking at the overall quality and safety and design not to mention the hours of enjoyment to be had by your little one, well you can’t really put a price on that, can you?

plan toys1

Our thoughts about the product

Aeryn has been enjoying herself playing with it ever since it came into the house. She uses it as a chair to watch telly, she rocks on it and sings, she even plays with it using it in imaginative play. It is also provides sensory play as she can touch the panels that are smooth and differentiate from the rougher ones.

I think that this is a great toy to have at home and even in nurseries as it is so safe and I don’t have to worry about her tipping it over. The low height also means that if she does fall when getting on or off or doing something silly like attempting to stand on it and perform circus tricks, she will not get badly hurt.


PlanToys® not only manufactures toys with the highest quality and safety standards, but also uses ground-breaking creations that help to preserve the environment.

Disclosure: We were sent the above product for review. All ideas and opinions are completely our own.


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