Review: Ringo Flamingo Board Game from Ravensburger

It’s difficult to keep the children constantly entertained during the holidays when they are constantly bored and after hours of whining (them not me!) I allow them to watch telly, or play on the iPad although its something I do not like them doing for too long.

Luckily for me, I was sent this game to keep them occupied – Ringo Flamingo from Ravensburger. The name itself was amusing to them and instead of hearing ‘ I’m bored’, I heard chants of Ringo-Flamingo.

Ringo Flamingo is a 3D board game
The box contains –
1 board
7 flamingos
2 crocodiles
4 boats
48 lifebuoys (in 4 different colours)
12 chips

ringo 2
The game is easily played. All you need to do is set up the board which was just as much fun for the children as playing the game. Fix the flamingos and the crocodiles in the slots provided and then twist so that they are firm.

ringo 4
Then load your lifebuoys into your boat – 11 in the slot at the back and one lying vertical in the front slot. Aim and flip (by using your finger to bend the lifebuoy back and then release it) the lifebuoy in the front to circle the flamingo. It may look easy but I can tell you it isn’t. If it goes around a crocodile you give up one that has circled a flamingo. The one that has the most lifebuoys circling the flamingos is the winner and gets one token. The game is normally played in three rounds but you can change it accordingly depending on whether you are playing with younger children.

ringo 5
It is a game that holds the attention of a child and the bright colours and the slightly different way of playing in that there is no need for dice.
Of course at some stage there was a stage of mad flipping and the lifebuoys were everywhere but it resulted in the children having loads of fun.
We played this game very often during the holidays. From Ravensburger, one expects quaility and the game does not disappoint. It is made from good quality cardboard and has bright colours that do not disappoint.
I think this is a great game for children as it hones in their aim and develops hand to eye coordination. It is lovely for spending an evening in with the family.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above board game for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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