Review: Read With Me Scout from LeapFrog

We have My Pal Scout from LeapFrog at home – a Christmas present for Aeryn 1 year ago and I was quite impressed that you could programme it to say your child’s name and load specific music onto it by connecting it to the computer.


When I saw the advertisement for Read with me Scout by LeapFrog on telly, I was quite interested as I was already most pleased with my first Scout toy. On being given an opportunity to review Read with me Scout, I knew that we would be reviewing another great toy from leapfrog but I wanted to check for myself how different it was to the first one as I am sure many children must already have My Pal Scout.

There is a distinct difference between the two, so if you have My Pal Scout, don’t let it put you off buying this one as this is a kind of little more grown version on My Pal Scout. Whether this was the intention of Leapfrog or not – I find it rather intelligent. This Scout now stands on fours like a normal dog and does completely different things to the first Scout.


Some features of Read with me Scout

  •  He reads the 5 books which are supplied.
  • He sings lullabies
  • He talks and interacts

The great thing about Scout is that you may or may not need the books. Scout can quite easily tell the story without the books. Ethan is amazed that the dog can read. 🙂

Scout reads out the stories from the book and then asks questions which can be answered with a tap on the head or the back. That’s the interactive bit.

There are 5 books and I liked that they are short stories enough to hold the interest of the age group intended. The books relate to different themes/topics and are sweetly illustrated.

The books follow a pattern and help to build reading skills.

1. Lets Go Camping – teaches with rhymes and repetitions so the child can learn to predict what comes next

2. Let’s find Scout’s Toy – helps with narrative: how stories are put together

3. Let’s Have a Party – Explores colours

4. Let’s Cheer Up Eli – teaches rhyme and sounds and phonics

5. Let’s learn about the Weather – Learn new things about the world

There are a few things that you can do to interact with Scout –

  • Pat his head to turn a page
  • Press his musical paw to hear songs and sing along
  • Pat his back to answer questions
  • Squeeze the paw with the bone on it to hear him respond
  • Kiss his cheek to hear him say ‘I Love You’ and other friendly phrases.
  • Switch on to sleepy time for a story and lullabies.
Ethan didn’t have a good day at school but Scout soon cheered him up!

What did Jacintaz3 think of Scout?

We think he is pretty amazing!


  •  Interactive
  • Great quality
  • Teaches reading, comprehension and vocabulary
  • Encourages learning through play
  • Sings songs to encourage musical ability
  • Has a lullaby mode for a great wind down at the end of the day
  • Great value for money
  • Make a good bedtime toy


  • None

You can even visit to see which skills your child is exploring.


Ethan is simply enamoured of Scout and takes him to bed every night. It is actually one thing that has got him less on the iPad! (Something I am very pleased about)

Aeryn also loves Scout so there is sometimes a great deal of pulling and tugging with the toy. Not to mention the tears when one has it and the other one decides at that very moment that she wants it.

Like all other LeapFrog toys I have had so far, I am pleased with the quality and the research that has gone into making such a lovely toy for children. It may have been nice if this came with an option to say the child’s name (program it) but it is not a feature that is missed in the toy.

I recommend this very highly and think it should make it to your Christmas list if you have a child in this age group. It is so nice to have a toy aimed at children and have them get off adult devices.

Read with me Scout is targeted to children aged between 2 -5 years and retails at £29.99. You also have the purple version called Read with me Violet.  Both are available at major retailers.

Here is a video review of the toy

 Disclaimer: I received Read with me Scout for an honest review

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