Review: Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise – Ultimate Surprise Egg from Zuru

I love unwrapping surprises. There’s just something about peeling off layers of wrapping that adds to the fun of gifting. Nowadays, there are so many toys that have this fun element where you peel off layers to reveal surprises in each one. We were sent a Rainbocorn Surprise from ZURU and Aeryn was more than thrilled – especially when she saw the size.

The Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise is big and definitely one that will win you brownie points. You can unwrap the many layers to find the following – stickers, a plush Rainbocorn, unicorn poop, a hair tie, and a little Boo-Boo corn – we got a Panda which is really cute.

The heart sequin surprise can be attached to the Rainbowcorn or added to bags as decoration.

We love the size of the Rainbocorn and it is soft and cuddly. The sequin heart only adds to the appeal as the sequins reveal a message. Aeryn loves her plushie and it is currently part of her bed buddies. We have Jazz and she has a rainbow poop design on her heart. 🙂

The price is affordable at which means that more children can have fun with this toy.

It would make a perfect holiday gift as it is such great value for money.

The Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise is available at all major retailers and has our Elves’ stamp of approval.



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