Review: Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Morpher

You know you have a boy in the house when it is filled with cars, action figures and a lot of Kung Fu ‘hoo ha’s’!!

Ethan loves the Power Rangers and Ben 10 and we had previously reviewed the Ben 10 Omnitrix.

The Power Rangers Megaforce Deluxe Morpher from Bandai UK is a little boy’s ultimate toy. It has what all little boy like – lights and sound to go with their actions.


It includes the Morpher and 10 cards that unlock different phrases. There is also a clip so that it can be attached to a belt.

I have to be honest that I was unsure of what it was when I received it but Ethan quickly put me in the know and told me it was a morpher to call the Zords to battle.  While I nodded my head wisely, I must admit that it was still a little to ‘powerful’ for me to understand. But then, Ethan knows exactly what to do with it, and it is his toy!


It’s pretty simple, as I was told, all you need to do is load a card into the morpher and it activates phrases from the show. You can keep unlocking more and more phrases and you can also purchase cards. There are cards that come with other Megaforce toys so if your son is Power Ranger crazy, it is well worth buying it.

It also lights up – a feature that Ethan enjoys.



To me the toy is a mask that makes sounds and lights up. To Ethan it is something that transforms him into a Power Ranger and he is transported into a different world. He loves it and enjoys putting in different cards to unlock more and more phrases.

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