Review – Peg & Layer Jungle

I like the idea of children playing with building toys and the like as it gets them away from the iPads and other technology.

I was really happy to be sent this Peg and Layer jungle from Alex Toys by Junior Scholars for review. You’d be amazed at how pleased children get at the simplest of toys.

peg and layer3

It consists of some pegs and sponge layers with flowers, monkeys or birds on them. There is also a board with holes in it. The purpose is to create a picture using the pegs and layers. Each layer has a hole for the peg to fit into.

peg and layer

The children enjoyed getting together and making up the jungle as they thought it up. We then had a story telling session where each one created a different jungle ant told their own story.

peg and layer1

Aeryn put together some of the pegs and pretended it was a candle and asked us to blow it out.

Ethan put together a jungle and made up a story of monkeys having a race to the tallest tree.

Jadyn, I thought, would find it a little young but she too joined in and created something that was like a garden.

peg and layer 2

I think this toy/game is very clever and gives children the freedom to create what they like on their own terms. They have the flexibility to create a jungle exactly how they see it or want to see it.

There are 46 pieces in the game so it is also good for sharing. I feel it is ideal for schools too.

What we liked about it –

  • Great quality
  • Colourful – to attract children
  • Inspires creativity
  • Can be used to teach different things – colours, numbers, animals and to tell stories
  • Great for sharing

Something that could have been better is that the board could have been bigger so that more pegs and sponge layers could have fitted in it.

The children enjoy playing with it and even add it as a jungle to different play sets.

I am all for educational toys for children  – maybe its the teacher in me and I am happy to see the wide range of educational toys that are available on the Junior Scholar website. They also stock toys for children with special needs.


Disclosure: I was sent the above toy for review. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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