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We love books at our home and will definitely need a new bookcase soon. We all love reading and I make sure to read the children a story every night – that’s our cuddle up time too. As a Mum and an ex-teacher, I encourage reading as it is so much nicer than children getting hooked on television and gadgets.

I was really happy to receive these two books to review from Parragon Books at BritMums Live over the weekend. The two books I received were What You Never Knew About Dinosaurs and Goodnight Little One

What you never knew about Dinosaurs was a bit hit with all three of them. My son especially enjoyed the colourful pictures of dinosaurs playing games. The elder two thought it funny. I had to read it thrice in a row before they were satisfied.

I loved the book myself. It was well written and very engaging for children. Nice imagery for dinosaurs to be living among humans and a great topic for conversation as we went on to discuss what would happen if dinosaurs were really alive. I love the illustrations as they are bright and bold.




The other book I got was Goodnight Little One and I thought this was lovely. Just the thing to be read at bedtime.

I love how the lines go from noisy to silence or from active to inactive. The illustrations in this one are just adorable. The animals are just what children love to read and talk about. As each animal ‘closes its eyes’ its easy to settle the little ones in for the night.

My three children enjoyed this one and Jadyn thought that the little animals were really sweet. I love how it’s like a lullaby. A brilliant book.


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