Review: Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series B4M Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Ever since I had Aeryn, I have had to keep strict check on my blood pressure. I am on medication but I have to ensure that I keep it in check as it still sometimes tends to spike or be quite low.



I was happy to review this Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series B4M Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, as it seemed really easy to use as well as being accurate.

It is important as we get older to check our Blood Pressure from time to time as we do not know when we may begin to suffer from hypertension and it is always well worth it keeping it in check. There are many factors involved in causing hypertension like age, family history, large intake of salt or alcohol, being overweight or stress.


The Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor is very convenient to use. There are very clear markings to indicate where the cuff should be positioned so as to get a proper reading.

The cuff is suitable for most people as it is quite large so you don’t need two cuffs or have to change cuffs.


It is really easy to get a reading – all you do is put the cuff on to the arm following the instructions and then press the ‘on’ switch. The cuff pumps up with air and slowly releases to give a reading. There are 3 colours that let you know your blood pressure reading according to the World Health Organization hypertension guidelines. The colour coded LCD alert is very handy as it shows green which indicates a normal pressure, Red for Hypertension and Orange for Pre -hypertension. I don’t think everyone has a perfect pressure of 120/80 and there is always fluctuation. So it helps to know that even if you pressure is not 120/80, it is normal as the machine checks the range.

It also helps that you can record 3 person’s pressure and records up to 399 readings per person. It will also give an average reading based on the last 3 readings.

The machine is also able to detect irregular heartbeat which is helpful to know if there are any heart problems.


One really good feature of the Ozeri Monitor is that is reads the pressure as it inflates so it does not inflate to a very high pressure causing an uncomfortable tightness. Instead, since it reads as it goes, it automatically inflates to the level necessary for the user.


The pressure monitor comes in a handy storage bag. It is compact and easy to carry around so even if you are going away on holiday, you can always carry it and still keep check on your pressure.

It is normally priced at £99.99 but it is available at the moment for £34.99 and it is a real steal at this price.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series B4M Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, so that you can be sure that you are keeping a check on your pressure.

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