Review – Omnitrix Shuffle and Humungousaur

My son is crazy about Ben 10. To have a Ben 10 Omnitrix arrive for review, sent him over the moon. He could now turn himself into Humungousaur, Big Chill and any number of aliens.


Yes, the peace was disrupted with the alien fighting the baddies but to see his face light up when he shows it off to people who come over ( or on the road), well, we put up with it.

So what is an Omnitrix ? It is a device that Ben 10 wears on his hand and with flick of a button, he turns himself into an alien that has powers that are required to save the moment.


Well…when Ethan has the Omnitrix on, he pretty much does the same – turn into an alien, that is!

It comes with a little alien that fit onto the Omnitrix and it also has different sounds and lights which are very exciting.


The Omnitrix promises hours of playing time for Ben 10 fans. It is quite large as it also fits a little alien on to it but it fits well onto his hand with the help of the easy to do strap. It may be a little heavy for a little boy, but Ethan managed quite well and he is 4.


Together with the Omnitrix, an alien also crept into our home (it was sent for review, I mean) and this is one of Ethan’s favourite aliens  – the Humungasor! The name itself conveys a lot – it is a huge alien, on screen anyway, but the one we were sent was an action figure about 8 centimetres high.


Ethan loves playing with it. It is durable and made of hard plastic and the limbs are movable so it can strike poses to fight the enemy.

My little boy enjoys playing with these two products from the Ben 10 range and they are a good addition to the action figures he already has.

Both products are made of plastic and they have survived a lot of crashes and bumps and falls and they are still good to go.

Ethan wears the Omnitrix quite often to go out  – in case we need rescuing!

The Omnitrix retails at £19.99 and  he Humungousaur at £7.99 and both are available on Amazon and major toy retailers.

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