Review: Olly the Little White Van books

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I am an avid book lover and never say no to reviewing books, more so if it’s for the children as they love books too.

We recently wrote about how much we enjoyed the Olly, the Little White Van DVD. This time we were thrilled to get a series of Olly Books.

aeryn-olly books

We were sent 4 board books, 2 paperback books and 2 activity books – all related to the popular television series Olly the Little White Van.

What we liked about the books – 

olly books 3

I love the shape of the board books as they rounded on one side and catch the eye for being different from other books.

I love the bright colours of the four board books too.

They are sturdy and hard wearing and ideal for little ones.

The four board books tell the stories of Olly, Jethro, Royston and Bazza – the characters from the television series. They all have a rhythmic pattern which appeals to younger children. Aeryn loves me to read her the books and Ethan also enjoys listening to the stories.

olly books

The two paperbacks are ‘The Chauffeur’ and ‘The Bumpton Rally’ and these appeal more to Ethan as they are longer stories. The pictures are bright and make reading them even more appealing. I love that there are some challenging words that the children will be able to learn in these books.

olly books 2

We also received a Press Out Sticker and Activity Fun book which can keep a child entertained for quite long. There are stickers that can be added to pictures, spot the differences and what I like the most – a board game. All you need to do to play the board game is to cut out the pictures of the different vehicles and use them as counters. There is also a spinner provided. Of course, alternatively, you can also use a die and other counters to play this fun filled board game.

olly books 1

The other book we received is the Sticker and Colouring Fun book. It really is a colouring book and you can add the stickers wherever you like to make the pictures more interesting.

If you like, you could use the stickers (as I do) on your home made reward chart or keep it for an Olly themed party to add to invitations.

olly and aeryn

The entire set of books is a big hit in our house as they seem to cover a range of ages. Though the board books are for young children, the can be used to teach reading and promote guided reading as there is so much to talk about in each book.

The board books and the paperbacks are priced at £3.99 each and so is the sticker and colouring book while the activity book is priced at £4.99

All the books are good value for money and are perfect for adding to a little one’s library.

Disclaimer: I was sent the above books to review with my children. All opinions and ideas are my own.

8 thoughts on “Review: Olly the Little White Van books

  1. I hadn’t heard of these characters, but the books sound like great value with a lot of thought gone into the package. I suspect they would have been right up my son’s street a couple of years ago.

  2. My 5 year old daughter is obsessed with sticker books at the moment.I like books that offer a variety of activities to engage children learning to read.

  3. My little boy would love these, without a doubt, he loves vehicles and is in love with a variety of series’ which ‘bring them to life’ so to speak. The series looks great

    I’ve also fallen in love with your little girls name! Such a beautiful name and goes so beautifully with your sons name (which is also my son’s name as it happens haha!)

    Laura – – xxx

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