Review of The 39 Steps showing at The Criterion Theatre

The 39 Steps, showing at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadily, London.

Upon disembarking from the coach and entering The Criterion, our immediate reaction was one of welcome – the front of house staff were polite and helpful, the theatre was spotlessly clean and we were very impressed with the efficiency of being seated and the level of service offered to all patrons. The theatre is actually located below street level, its age evident in its style and appearance. With its stall, dress circle and upper circle seating areas and boxes either side of the stage; you can tell immediately that this theatre is a proud advocate of the glitz and glamour of an earlier age.

The production itself was a parody of the book by Alfred Hitchcock, with only 4 cast members taking all parts – a terrific achievement, especially with all the lines they needed to learn! All the essential parts of the book were covered in a “farce like, tongue in cheek” manner; slick and entertaining with lightning quick scene changes by the crew.

Highlights of the evening for us included the witty dialogue, the use of props in a subtle yet extremely clever manner and the way the cast gave it their all throughout the performance – they must have been shattered by the end (and so were we, from laughing so much). Definitely suitable for all the family, although probably not for kids under 5 as they might get bored.
Booked through Discount Theatre Tickets and overall an experience we’ll be recommending to family and friends.

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