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 When I was given an opportunity to review a course with High Speed Training, I jumped at the chance as there are a number of courses listed ontheir website. Being a teacher by profession, I chose to do a course on safeguarding children as it seemed very interesting and suited to my profile.

The Introduction to Safeguarding Children course is a 2- 3 hour course teaching people who work with children on what exactly child protection is, what is child abuse is and how it can be recognised. It also gives you information on how and where to report cases of child abuse. It is important to recognise clearly cases of child abuse before making a formal complaint as lives are involved. This course teaches one how to identify child abuse. It also gives you valuable information on the laws and policies about child protection.

There are a few recap questions along the way during the course and at the end of the course there is a short quiz where you can access all you have learnt in the course and it tells you whether you have passed or failed.

The course costs £30 + vat and I enjoyed doing this course because when one is working with children it is very important to spot early signs of abuse in children. The course is also CPD certified.

On completion, a certificate is sent out to you by post and you can also download a temporary certificate in PDF format.Untitled

There are also further courses in this area.

For further information on the courses available, check out

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