Review of Happy Families and Farmyard Donkey

My daughter and son are always bored in spite of the numerous toys they have so when I was asked to review these two card games by Mummy News, I jumped at the opportunity. I was sent two games – Happy Families and Farmyard Donkey. Both games are very entertaining and can be played by players as young as four years.

Happy Families is a game where you need to deal out all the cards and then try and make a family by asking for the people belonging to that family from the other players. The really nice thing about the game is that the cards belonging to a particular family are all in the same colour so even if a child cannot read, they can still join in the game by mentioning the colour. There are four family members in each set so when you have collected all four members, you place them face down in front of you. The player who collects the most number of families wins. The families are very well named like the Bun family who are bakers or the Chalk family who are teachers.

The game is for children aged 4 years and over. 3-6 players can play the game.

Farmyard Donkeyis a game where there are 17 pairs and 2 donkey cards. To play you need to remove one of the donkey cards. After dealing all the cards, the players need to place all the pairs of cards in the middle of the table. The remaining cards are arranged in the hand like a fan without showing the face of the card. The player on the left chooses a card and if a pair is made it is put in the centre of the table. If you cannot make a pair you keep the card. Whoever loses all the cards wins. The player with the ‘donkey’ card is the loser. The cards have bright, colourful pictures of farm animals and things related to the farm on them so children will enjoy them.

The game can also be used to play ‘Pairs’ or a ‘Memory’ Game.       

It is suitable for children aged 4 years and over. It requires 2+ players.

We enjoy playing both the games and play them almost every evening. It is a great way of getting all the family together and spending some time instead of sitting in front of the television. The games do not take very long to finish so the children do not get bored. It is especially great to have these card games when the weather is rainy and now with the school holidays coming up.

The games are from Cartamundi and are available from all good toy retailers. Each game is inexpensive at 99p only so it is great to buy them for an evening of great fun for the entire family.

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