Review of Blurb Book

A short while ago, I wrote about the making of a Blurb Book. Here is what the finished product looks like –




The book is hardbound with some images on the cover. It has the title on it  – As Time Goes By (what I named it while I was making it) and the author/creator below, so it looks like a proper book and less like an album.          DSC06249-1


The paper is lovely and glossy and thick and the way the images are done is just amazing. While uploading the pictures, because they were from Facebook, it did warn me that the images may not be as clear. But the finished product is amazing.


It is an everlasting keepsake, with the photos from Facebook albums and all the comments posted there as well.



I would never hesitate in recommending these photobooks to anyone. These books look very professionally done and you would not be disappointed.






To order your own personalised book go to Blurb UK

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