Review: Musical Pufferty Train

Have you been watching Nick Jr lately? If you have young children then I guess the answer is a  definite yes. And I am also sure that you must be aware of Tickety Toc, the series for children.


Anyway back to the point of the post – we received a Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train to review. If you watch the programme, then you must be quite aware of Tomy and Tallulah.

This little train plays the Tickety Toc theme song when the funnel is pressed. It is rather a catchy tune and one that sticks in your head. I often find myself humming it  – but then that’s what happens when one has children! I also add different words to it to kid around with the children. They seem most embarrassed!

tickety toc

The little train is adorable and just like the one in the television series. It has 2 carriages and in one of them is Tomy and Tallulah. As the train moves, they bob along on their see-saw.

In the second carriage is Tooteroo and he spins around as the train moves.

The carriage doors can be opened so it is easy for the children to play with.

The carriages come apart so they can be played with individually too.

It is a little difficult to keep Tomy and Tallulah on the sea saw and they have to be put firmly on or they will wobble. This is where your little one may need your help.

Aeryn loves this little train and she plays with it on its own as well as with other toys as a train picking up passengers.

I like the toy as it is made from durable plastic and is very cute and appealing. Batteries are included too which makes it even better.

From Vivid toys and games, it is priced at £22.99 and is available at all major retailers.

There are also other toys available in the Tickety Toc range like the Clockhouse Playset and the Tickety Toc musical TV.

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