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As a mother you worry about everything – and a major worry concerning children is eating habits.  What they eat, 5-a-day and of course a major point that many parents ignore – what they eat in?

Many of us will have read about BPA being hazardous for infants and young children, though many of us are not so careful about using polycarbonates which are found in a lot of plastics. I have become a little more cautious about the use of just any and every plastic especially when it concerns my toddler.

Also, my children love to eat in brightly coloured tableware. It does make the food go down better.

I had an opportunity to review the Munchkin Toddler Dining Sets and I found the product to be absolutely delightful. The fact that they had Disney Characters was even more attractive to the children.

The first think that struck me was the bold colours. The Minnie Mouse Set is a deep pink and green which is quite different to the baby pink sets.      DSC07030

The set consists of a bowl which is square in shape to help a little one to spoon the food out.

There is a little plate with divisions which is great for a toddler as they love finger food and tend to pick and mix from their plate. It is also handy for children to be able to learn to identify different foods.


 The spoon and fork have lovely grip handles and a little flower pattern at the end of them with Minnie in the centre.




The Monsters Dinner Set is just as great. There is a plate with divisions, a bowl and a spoon and fork. It is also green in colour and has a huge monster eye on the bowl.  I love the blue pattern on the edge as it really makes it more attractive.


The Munchkin Set is BPA free which is a big plus point so you need not be worried about your child ingesting any harmful substances. It is also dishwasher safe. I like the fact that you can also use it in the microwave as it is so much easier to warm the food if required.

The munchkin sets also have a kind of grip on the base of the bowl and plate so it does not shift when you put it on a table top or use it with the high chair.


I think these sets are really durable and eye catching products and will definitely be a hit with any toddler.


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