Review: Munchkin Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set

A short while age, I wrote a post to review the Munchkin Toddler Dining Set. This time it was something for my son.

With my little boy starting school, I am looking for products that he will find easy to use. He will be taking a packed lunch most days so I was looking for the ideal lunch box that can fit in all the food I give him. ( not a whole lot of food but to hold the variety I know he likes)

Children are easily bored with food so I try and give mine different things everyday to relieve the boredom. It is quite difficult sometimes I can tell you.

Luckily Munchkin came to my rescue this time and I was sent a Munchkin Bento Click Lock Mealtime Set. It is not a set per se actually a lunch box containing different pieces to make up a set.


My first impressions – it looked really durable and is a great size (not too small and not too large)

On opening the box, I was pleased to find that it had lids on each separate compartment – sure helps not to have a messy lunch bag.

The set includes –

A lunchbox with 2 smaller containers for fruit/snacks and a spoon and fork.


Why I think this is a great buy –

  • Perfect size
  • Compartments with lids
  • Spoon and fork that fits in the lid
  • Click lock system
  • BPA Free
  • Microwavable
  • Freezer safe
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Dishwasher safe

I love the size of this box. It is quite large but not too large that it will not fit in the lunch bag. It will easily fit everything that a little child may need for his lunch. It easily fits a sandwich and snacks like fruit or carrot sticks or raisins. It is also great to hold pasta and maybe a bit of salad and a piece of garlic bread.

What I especially like about it, is that everything can be contained in separate compartments with food not getting mixed up and since each compartment has a lid, they do not spill out or leak into the bag.


There is also space for the name on the back so the child can easily identify his lunchbox.

I definitely recommend this for children starting school it is a perfect lunch box for a little one. It is also just as handy for taking snacks for a toddler on a day out.

It retails at £7.99 and is great value for money.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Bento lunchbox for review. All ideas and opinions are entirely my own.

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10 thoughts on “Review: Munchkin Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set

  1. I’m trying to think of somethign that could fit between the two fruit & veg pots, in that little half-circle gap. A single piece of celery maybe? Separating the food out properly is a great idea, I have so many memories of warm sandwiches tasting of squashed banana from my own school days.

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