Review: Mumbucks – Every Mum should have some!

      Once upon a time there lived a mum with three children. She worked all day long, cleaning and cooking and washing. She was very sad one evening as she wanted to watch the new season of her favourite television programme but couldn’t because she had to clean up the mess that the children had made with their toys.
While she despaired and wiped the sweat off her brow and the tear in her eye at having stood on yet another Lego piece, something magically appeared through her letter box – Mumbucks.
And then she lived happily ever after…


With 3 children and lots of toys, there is always picking up to do. While I make the children pick up after themselves, there are many instances (everyday!) that I really need to get after them. Put your clothes in the laundry basket, don’t step out of your clothes and leave them on the floor, pick up your Lego pieces and the hair bands and the wrappers and…

Well, apparently the children are too busy trying to get on the iPad, television to clean up.


Things have changed though since I got Mumbucks.
This clever idea has made the children clean up at an amazing pace and even offer to do extras around the house to earn big bucks.


What then is this piece of magic? A simple idea of giving a Mum paper money to give out to children for good behaviour, cleaning up after themselves or doing something extraordinarily clever.

Mumbucks contains paper money of different denominations – 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50.

I give out Mumbucks for various things and here is how it works out –

The list of course is not exhaustive and if there is anything else we think we can add, we do it. Ideas are always welcome.

If there is any misbehaviour, then Mum reserves the right to charge tax and payment is through Mumbucks.

mumbucks2I think that Mumbucks is a great idea. Besides the actual rewards/punishment scheme I have also taught the children about money, its value and reinforced subtraction and addition with my 5 year old.

It retails at £14.99 and I think that it is great value for money considering the results. 

Every Mum should have some.

And now, here is your chance to get your hands on some. All you need to do is to enter the giveaway below.

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12 thoughts on “Review: Mumbucks – Every Mum should have some!

  1. Im new to your blog, looking forward to having a good read! and also love mumbucks! I think my little boy would love them! Fingers crossed for me!!!

  2. Ohh I need Mumbucks to make sure my daughter keeps her room clean amongst other things. Also I know she would be glad of Laptop/Xbox time as reward just as much as monetary reward.. The joys of a pre teen 😉

  3. Would love these to teach my children the value of saving up and being able to reward good behaviour 🙂

  4. Love mumbucks, looks like a great way of teaching children about money and to get them doing chores for pocket money

  5. my son has never been good at tidying, i’m hoping this would really help to get us into bit more of a routine with it

  6. i need them for when m,y little boy starts getting a little bit bigger – set out good rules from the start!

  7. Anything that helps me get the kids to switch the lights off after they are done in a room will be welcome.

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