Review: Millionaire Genie with 888Ladies

I like playing Bingo normally (just for fun) so when I was asked to review the 888 bingo site, I thought about playing bingo and was quite pleased to do so.

I was actually required to review their game called Millionaire Genie – where one can win over 5 million as shown by the figures constantly changing while the game is being played.


I had never played them online slot machines before, I didn’t know how my money was getting less at first. I obviously had bet over a pound in my first spin itself. I then took note of the spins and how much for each spin and got better at it. The most I won was £5 in any game and I did get a few extra spins which won me a little more than that. I was not lucky to win a huge amount!

The bets per line is 15p which is not a huge amount to bet with. If you get 3 genies then you get free spins and if you get 3 veiled ladies you get a bonus.

mg2There are a whole lot of games on the site and I did try out a few others. I quite liked Millionaire Genie though with the mystic man at the side and the money displayed below. is always nice to have the promise of winning over 5 million.

I didn’t quite like the idea that to play quite a few bingo games one had to make a deposit even though I had been credited with £5 to start with. Although there are a few games that you can play for free in the first 3 days that you join.

I also noticed that to actually withdraw my earnings I had to make deposit of £20 as that means I had to win much more than that to actually make a profit. I also felt that this forced me to keep on the site. But I checked around and this is what most sites have as their standard rules although the amount required may differ.

I can understand how easy it would be to get addicted to it as it is nice to see the payout increasing even if by a small amount so I was glad to see there was information on responsible gaming.

If you have tried Millionaire Genie and love the game or any other game from the site you can vote for it here

Disclaimer: I was credited with £5 to try out Millionaire Genie on 888 ladies bingo and compensated for the time taken to write this review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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