Review and Giveaway : Micro Moshi Spaceship sighted at Jacintaz3

Breaking News – It has been reported that there has been a sighting of a UFO over the home of Jacintaz3. A source has informed us that early this morning, a spaceship spun through the open window of their home and landed in the living room. The Micro Monsters on the spaceship demanded that the other Moshlings being held at the household be handed over to them immediately so that they could be returned to Moshi Village…The situation is at stand off point at the moment but we shall update you on the events as they happen…

The latest is that the Moshling Mall has been overtaken…Stand by for updates

This is imaginative play. This is what toys like the Micro Moshi Spaceship provide – hours of imaginative play. This is what children need.


The Micro Moshi Spaceship is one that does not have lights and sounds and one tends to overlook toys like this in times when most toys are electronic. But, after we had a play with the spaceship, we realised that you don’t really need the electronic features all the time.

No batteries required. Probably the nicest thing a mum can learn about a toy.


The Micro Moshi Spaceship is not a huge toy – it is about 6 inches in diameter and features a larger centre pod for Captain Quirk (figure provided) and two commanders. Around that are 5 small pods that can fit an individual Micro Moshi in each. The Micro Moshis can be secured to the pods and swings so that they do not fall out while whizzing through space!

Open up the spaceship to reveal 3 swings that I am sure the Moshlings enjoy taking a whirl on. Once open, the top can spin.


The domes to the pods can be removed so don’t be stressing that it is broken if one comes off – unless of course you accidentally stand on it lying on the ground and hear the crushing of plastic! And no, this hasn’t happened in our household as yet!

Jadyn loves making up stories involving the Micro Moshi Spaceship while she is playing with it, Ethan likes to imagine them fighting (goodies and baddies) and Aeryn – well she just likes to take the domes off the pods and hide them so her sister cannot find them. It does keep them all occupied, you see.

DSC09638If you are a Moshi Monster fan, you would definitely need this for your collection. If you are not, its time you caught up.

It would be nice to have a Moshi Spaceship that can carry the real sized Moshlings so that the children can use their present collection. . I never realised that there were smaller Moshling figures out in the market so Jadyn was a bit disappointed to find that her normal sized Moshlings didn’t fit in there. Luckily we picked up a series of Micro Moshlings for  which made her even happier as she now had more to add to her collection.

micro-spaceship_cad77bae3762f6a5b656f23e9996a524The toy retails at about £10 and will be enjoyed by any child. It is aimed at children aged 4 years +. It is brought to you by the Vivid group.

And here’s the best part – if you thing you  your child would love to have one of these, all you need do is enter the giveaway below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided with the above toy for an honest review. All ideas and opinions are my own.

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